It’s World Sleep Day (yes… apparently that’s a thing) and research shows winding down with a book is far better at bedtime than staring at a screen. A pre-loved book subscription is the ideal way to discover new novels while reducing landfill - here are some options.


Source: cottonbro / Pexels

It’s the calendar event no one knew they needed: World Sleep Day! That’s right, you probably weren’t aware, but 18 March is dedicated to sleep. Sadly that doesn’t mean we can all down tools and nap (although it definitely should), but it does mean we should talk about your sleep cycle. 

Our bodies are rhythmic, so setting aside a consistent bed time and winding down routine are key for us feeling like the fully rested people of God we want to be. What’s yours like? Do you lie in bed scrolling through news sites or social media? Do you pop something on the telly to ease you into a slumber? It’s the low investment, low intensity activity that most of round off our days with, but it won’t be helping you get your shut eye. 

Research suggests that ditching screens as much as two hours before hitting the sheets is best for your body - but the scientists aren’t so aversed to ending the evening with a good book. With that in mind - let us talk you through some of the best pre-loved book subcriptions around; to help reduce landfill, introduce you to new novels and aid your peaceful night’s sleep.

WOB -  formerly known as World of Books - Used Book Subscriptions

There’s a thrill to receiving a monthly parcel (that isn’t a bill). WOB’s used book subscriptions come in a number of enticing categories; feast on fiction, evelate women, champion change, elevate BIPOC, create good habits, live the dream, explore the world and learn and grow. Each comes with fascinating and thrilling selection and they make sure you won’t be sent a book you’ve already read by giving you the chance to swap. The subscriptions range from £9.99 for one book to £25.99 for three. Get more info here.

Hand Me Down Book Club

This fun book club is on a mission to save books before they get sent to landfill. When the founders discovered that millions of books aren’t recycled each year because of the glue that they are bound with, they decided to take action. Each month, they source and redistribute thousands of pre-loved fiction books, hand selecting the perfect book box, and delivering them to you. You’ll get a surprise selection of books from authors and titles that you may not have chosen yourself. Subscriptions cost between £9.99 and £12.99 per month depending on the genre of book you pick. Get more info here.

The Gently Used Book Club

This monthly subscription box sends out quality pre-loved books, that are individually selected just for you to match your reading taste, and delivered to your door. They use experienced booksellers to make selections on your behalf and have a range of categories you can opt for; vintage sci-fi, modern classics and crime fiction to name a few. This is the least costly of the subscriptions with one book costing £6.50 and the price reducing from there depending of the number of months you commit to. Get more info here