Josie Gamble is the founder of the Christian Creative Directory, a new dot com directory of UK-based Christian creatives, which offers a fresh way for businesses, churches, organisations and collaborators to find Christian creative professionals and services.

Josie believes there was a time when the Church was leading the way with creativity – through stained glass, architecture, fine art, sculpture and song. However during the Reformation in the 16th century the Church went back to basics, and many creative practices and values were lost. Josie believes the directory will make a way for today’s Christian creatives to bring in a new era of creativity in the UK Church.

“I am passionate about championing creativity in the body of Christ and about seeing creativity advance the kingdom of God. I truly believe that creatives will spearhead the next move of the Spirit” says Josie.

“I have spent many years networking and connecting with some of the most amazing Christian creatives, including, designers, artists, makers, writers, performers, musicians, marketers, and I wanted to bring them together in one place.”

A creative background

Josie is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the creative industries and church leadership. She ran her own design business for 14 years where she helped hundreds of businesses and organisations create their brands and online marketing.

After graduating, she lectured for seven years and worked for her church as a youth and student pastor. After having her first child she decided to start her own business so she could work from home around her family.

“Juggling work and family life is always a challenge but God provided and my business grew. When my youngest was in full-time preschool I was drawn to a networking group for mums who worked from home as I was desperate to connect with like-minded women. I was surprised how much I grew during the three and a half years I was a part of it, not just in my business put personally, through friendships and support. It was then that I realised we needed something like this for creatives in the Church.

“I launched a pilot group in 2017 and instantly realised I wasn’t the only one who was desperate to connect with like-minded Christian creatives. Since then we have gone on to launch seven more branches in the UK and have 8,000 followers on our different platforms.”

Josie comments on how God has led her to this point, and how it reflects her personal life journey: “I feel that in my 20s I had to prove myself, in my 30s I found myself and now in my 40s I know who I am, I know what I am good at and, more importantly, I know what I’m not good at. It feels like I am pulling together all the strands of my life and experience – creativity, church, motherhood, running a business, and am pouring it into this Christian Creative Directory and am able to create real value and opportunity for Christian creatives.”

The benefits of the directory

The directory attracted seed funding in 2019 and is being launched at a time when the arts, cultural and entertainment sector has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. New listings to the directory are eligible for a launch offer that includes six months free, because Josie is passionate about championing creativity and so is giving creatives the chance to thrive despite this tough year.

Here she explains what the site offers:

“For creative professionals it provides a high-quality listing, for more visibility UK wide, plus access to resources and expert advice, to work on creative projects and grow their businesses.

“For businesses, churches and organisations it gives them the confidence to book a wide range of approved creative professionals and services, and instant access to choose a perfect team.

“It is also suitable for every budget, big or small and available right across the UK.”

To create a six-month free listing use the coupon code: CCDLaunch6 before 21 May.

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