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  • pp23_July2024_InFaith

    Wendy Grisham's books that kick up the dirt


    Wendy Grisham, deputy CEO of SPCK Publishing (and sister to author John Grisham), gives us insight into her progressive, radically inclusive faith, which fuels her passion for non-fiction books that bridge gaps and widen our conversations to reflect the expansiveness of God 

  • pp25_June2024_Spotlight

    Designing gardens with God


    Award-winning garden designer Grace Rogers shares her top tips for planting in June

  • pp13_May2024_Spotlight

    From trauma to God’s glory


    When Jenny Gilpin discovered she was the product of gang rape, it started her on a huge journey of healing in which she discovered the true fatherhood of God

  • pp24_April2024_Spotlight_pexels-klaus-nielsen-6303577

    We need to start talking about young-onset dementia


    Janet Wyatt is the director of JW Care Group, one of the only care providers in the country specialising in young-onset dementia. She shares her story with us and the wisdom she’s gleaned through over 30 years devoted to dementia sufferers

  • pp30_March2024_MyStory

    Nurtured in the hidden places


    Jill Duff, Bishop of Lancaster and former director of St Mellitus College, North West, spoke with Jane Knoop about the topsy-turvy nature of God’s kingdom

  • pp32_Feb2024_InBusiness

    How I decided to tackle food waste, and made it into a business


    Jenny Costa, the visionary behind award-winning brand Rubies in the Rubble has an accessible message of hope and empowerment  

  • pp27_Feb2024_MyStory

    My life for God’s glory


    Christina Tucker, otherwise known as ChrissyT, is a singer-songwriter and head of creative missions for The Message Trust in Cape Town, South Africa. She has witnessed God transform young people’s sense of identity and belonging…starting with her own

  • pp11_Dec2023_MyStory

    'I survived abortion'


    Melissa Ohden, wife and mother to two girls, is a pro-life advocate, author and speaker. She gives us a glimpse into her experience of discovering she survived an abortion, and her resulting quest for truth

  • pp11_Nov2023_Spotlight

    Deconstructing faith is trending – but hold on to your Bibles


    Author, worship leader and respected apologetics speaker, Alisa Childers addresses the topic of deconstruction head on, giving us insight into her upcoming book, The Deconstruction of Christianity 

  • pp27_Oct2023_Spotlight_JungleBeat

    The animated gospel


    Rita Mbanga, a producer with Sunrise Animation Studios, talks about growing up in a politically turbulent Zimbabwe and why freedom of speech and authentic storytelling is in her blood

  • pp6_Sept2023_Profile

    Mama got faith!


    Author, podcast host and founder of award-winning teen girls platform Girl Got Faith, Emma Borquaye, wife of rapper ‘Guvna B’ speaks with Jane Knoop about the highs and lows of motherhood, and the realities of being married to a famous rapper

  • pp32_Sept2023_Relationships

    ‘I was face to face with a former IRA terrorist’


    For decades Sara-Louise Martin lived with loss and battled with unforgiveness related to her father’s death. Then, in the summer of 2022, she was faced with a challenging opportunity to step into freedom and healing

  • pp27_Aug2023_Spotlight

    Embracing doubt


    When the simple Pentecostal faith she inherited cracked under pressure, Dr Selina Stone’s faith evolved into a spacious, generous theology. She spoke with Jane Knoop about how this has changed her life 

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    Slowing down can help to change the course of the climate crisis


    Environmental campaigner Hannah Eves is the policy coordinator for A Rocha UK, Britain’s only Christian conservation charity. Here she shares her belief that we are intimately connected with God, his earth and each other 

  • pp39_May2023_leadership

    Parents, do not despair - there is hope for our young people!


    Alongside all the current crises they are facing – mental health challenges, societal pressures, and an epidemic of faith deconstruction that is leading some to walk away from Jesus – Liz Bewley is convinced that the Holy Spirit is moving

  • pp17_May2023_Spotlight

    I put God at the centre of my birth experience


    Kierra Blaser shares her story of learning to ‘co-labour’ with God, and started the Kingdom Childbirth Class to prepare women both physically and spiritually for birth

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    Our children were born to heroin addicts


    A reader shares her and her husband Jeremy’s journey of adoption and what it showed them about the heart of God

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    'I was single when God told me to speak out about Kingdom marriage'


    For ten years, Anja Gibson has prophesied about marriage, decreeing the centrality of Christ and the couple as the pillar for the restoration of the earth. Eventually, in 2020, following a cascade of God-ordained circumstances, Anja entered into her own kingdom marriage

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    Is egg freezing biblical?


    Two women in their 40s share their experience of freezing their eggs 

  • pp29_Jan2023_MyStory(2)

    Adopting embryos


    A cancer diagnosis at the age of 28 could have shattered the vision Triona Benton had for her future. But she continued to cling to God, trusting that somehow she would have the children she longed for

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