God’s resource for life’s challenges

Guildford Baptist Church, Millmead, Surrey – Saturday 15 June 2019 10.30am-4.30pm

Probably the best-loved book in the Old Testament, the psalms give voice to our deepest experiences. Whether we are joyful, penitent, fearful, full of thanksgiving or in distress, we can slip in and join the psalmist in prayer.

The psalms are also great hymns. They magnify and praise the Lord, and through them we learn about his attributes, his names, his goodness and his Word.

As we reflect on them, we are drawn into God’s presence and encouraged by the faith and trust of the psalmists to seek God’s counsel, comfort and correction for our own lives.

Come and join us as we explore the riches of God’s Word.

Lyndall Bywater (leader of a prayer community in Canterbury and part of The Salvation Army’s national prayer team) is our keynote speaker

If you had to climb Mount Everest, which would you prefer: an award-winning book on mountaineering, or a friendly Sherpa? You're unlikely ever to have to climb Everest, but you will definitely have to negotiate challenges along the road of life, and some of those challenges will feel like mountains.

You've probably developed a few coping strategies to get you through the hard times (mine range from becoming a control freak to eating too much chocolate), but when the Bible talks about navigating difficult situations, it points our gaze away from the strategies and the 'how to' books, towards the faithful friend and Sherpa who offers us his presence on the journey.

In the Psalms, you will meet the God who accompanies you, shouldering your burdens and guiding your feet, holding you close in the valleys of shadow, and taking your hand as you scale the heights.

Choose two seminars!

Deep Night, bright morning

Anita Cleverly from St Aldate's in Oxford will focus on the psalms of David to discover – or rediscover – secure handholds for the ‘dark nights of the soul’. She says: “We will think about bereavement, anger, forgiveness, confession, waiting, and about finding God in the dark. My prayer is that our time together would not be an end in itself, but simply a doorway to something much deeper and wider for each one of us.”

When we need comfort and assurance

Author of Postcards from Heaven and Postcards of Hope, writer and artist Ellie Hart will be using art, storytelling and scripture to explore the themes of Psalms 23 and 27. She explains: “We will include some time to listen to God for yourself and reflect on how he can be shepherd, light and fortress in your own life.”

When we face difficulties

Writer and speaker Claire Musters says she will be sharing personal stories of how the psalms have helped her cling to God when all around her seemed to be falling apart. “Whether you are facing relationship or financial difficulties, ill health, bereavement or any other of life's storms, this workshop will show you that you are not alone – and remind you that God is right in the midst of it with you."

Psalms of praise and thanksgiving

Diane Watts is a Baptist minister currently working with the Church Urban Fund and the Diocese of Chichester to support churches and others seeking to bring change in communities across Sussex. Her workshop will focus on the nature and work of God that leads to praise and thanksgiving in the psalms. “We will pick one or two psalms and consider how these might be used in both by individuals and churches. Sharing thoughts, experiences and ideas will be welcomed.”


Tickets for the day are just £30 (book in a party of 5+ and one goes free!). Book your place now at or call 01865 319700.