Maria Rodrigues

Maria Rodrigues

Maria Rodrigues is a senior producer and presenter with Premier Christian Radio. She founded the Premier Digital Awards and Woman to Woman conferences. Among many other things, she is passionate about mission work, youth work and kindness.

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    ‘I thought my wife would be better off without me’


    Premier’s Maria Rodrigues spoke to Patrick and Diane Regan about the physical and mental health challenges he faced, and how they affected Diane too.

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    ‘Angels appear to me’


    Minister Charlynne Boddie has had numerous angelic encounters. Here is a snippet of the story she shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

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    Life after a Christian divorce


    Steph Gutmann grew up as a pastor's kid and prayed for her marriage to be blessed by God, but when it turned abusive she was challenged about how to make things work. She shared her story with Premier's Maria Rodrigues.

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    'Jesus appeared to me in a dream'


    Like Joseph in the Bible, Naomi Chamroo grew up having dreams that confused both her and her family. She tells Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues how an encounter with God gave her the answers she was searching for

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    Is divorce okay for Christians?


    Dr Zina Arinze is a lawyer, so why did she go into the field of helping those who have been through divorce find healing and restoration? Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with her to find out more about her story