When our lives fall into ruin,

may we look to glimmers of light on the horizon.

When we live under despair-laden darkness,

may we know the hope that is an anchor for our souls,

steadfast and certain, carrying us into light.

When we are battle-weary and bemused,

may we know you have already won.

When we live with hard edges and stony hearts,

may we be softened in the dazzling light of your love.

When we live in brokenness,

may we know that love stronger than death

has already shattered the darkness.

When we live in desolation,

may we know our winter-bound land

bursting into vibrant sun-drenched life.

When we live under pain and sorrow,

may we know that instead of mourning there will be joy,

instead of despair a garment of praise,

instead of ashes a crown of beauty.

When we live a life with borders,

may we know how wide, long,

deep and high is the love of Christ,

and the surpassing greatness of his love.

When we live under waiting,

may we know the everlasting arms

encircling our past, present and future.

When we live in captivity,

may the hope of Christ break through

and lead us to joy unspeakable.


Liz Carter is an author living in the north of England. She wrote her latest book, Treasure in Dark Places while shielding in Lockdown this year with a chronic illness. This collection, with its starkly honest poetry and re-imaginations of events from Scripture, points us to hope - even when we struggle to see light on the horizon of our lives. Watch the promo video below.