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    Married at first sight, can it ever work?


    Can a marriage be arranged by relationship experts? Ruth Sax takes a look at a TV show that takes puts two people together who don’t actually meet til their wedding day. Yes, really.

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    Is divorce okay for Christians?


    Dr Zina Arinze is a lawyer, so why did she go into the field of helping those who have been through divorce find healing and restoration? Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with her to find out more about her story

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    Let's talk about sex


    Adrian and Celia Reynolds have written a book about the struggles couples often face with physical intimacy in marriage, exploring why the Bible says about it and the priority sex should take in a marriage. Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues spoke with them about it

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    The Church is failing single people


    Lauren Windle, a 30-something Londoner, has spent the last year interviewing people on their dating experiences in Church and has written Notes on Love based on her findings. It is a much-needed upgrade from a long line of handbooks telling people “How to wait patiently for your Boaz” or “You’re single because you’re not ready”. Lauren tells Tola-Doll Fisher she wrote it not as a guide, but as an invitation to explore a relationship status that she says has been sorely blown out of proportion

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    ‘Single people are vital to the future of the Church’


    Beth Collingridge from Single Friendly Church says that we need to value and include single people much more