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  • pp3_June2022_EditorsLetter

    Editor's Letter: Fashion + Faith?


    Media and fashion industries have always idolised the young. When I started at Woman Alive I said I wanted more women on the cover who looked like they had a life before I was born. We’ve achieved that, and I love seeing the diversity of age – ...

  • pp3_May2022_EditorsLetter_Doll

    Editor’s Letter: Don’t settle for second-hand creativity!


    I laughed out loud when I read Veronica Zundel’s column this issue. I admit, the Wordle game craze has passed me by, but I can relate to her frustration when Christians try to make ‘sanitary’ versions of mainstream products, events or ideas. Veronica’s article got me thinking ...

  • Doll edit Apr21

    Normalising Christians in fiction


    Source: Ross Brind at 131 Cheltenham I’ll be honest, April isn’t my favourite month because by now I’ve been enjoying spring but I’m more than ready for summer to show its face! So, while I’m waiting, I’ve been making a list of the books I’m going to ...

  • Doll editorial Mar22

    Editor’s Letter: Celebrating women


    When I got a message from Suzie Kennedy on Instagram about my book, I did a double take. Not only was I surprised that this clearly well-connected person with the coveted verification status was contacting me, I was also stunned by her incredible resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. ...

  • Feb2022_EditorsLetter_Doll

    Changing the narrative on love in the Church


    Last year we did a big issue on singleness in the Church (February 2021). Statistics show that the Church is mostly made up of married people (60 per cent, compared to less than half in wider society). Furthermore, research shows that young people are most likely to ...

  • Editorial Doll crop

    Editor's letter: Would you open your home to a stranger?


    We asked our writers to talk about ‘home’ this issue and tell us what it means to them. I’d love to know what it means to you too. I know I can be idealistic at times, and even more so when it comes to living out God’s ...

  • pp3_Nov2021_EditorsLetter_CarleySerwat

    Cancer, chemotherapy and confident hope in God


    This is my first editorial in a while as I received an aggressive cancer diagnosis back in March. Having always identified as a strong, independent woman, this year has been hugely challenging but I am so grateful for the absolute onslaught of prayers from the Woman Alive ...

  • pp3_EditorsLetter_WAOct2021_AbigailDeacon

    I love history


    Acting Editor, Jemimah Wright on the October issue, and her love of history…

  • WA September 2021 Cover

    My new identity


    Editorial from September 2021

  • WA August 2021 - Cover

    ‘Books are the windows through which the soul looks out’*


    Editorial from August 2021