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  • May2022_MyFaith_JamesMarvinPhelps

    God’s ways are not our ways


    New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp is also a farmer’s wife and mum of seven. Seeing her sister killed in front of her eyes gave her unimaginable trauma. Here she speaks about the beauty and pain of life and how her writing draws her closer to the healing power of God

  • pp39_April2022_MyFaith_Alamy

    Creating safe spaces for women


    God told Kelleigh Wooderson-Hudson to give up her job and start the charity Life Essence Housing. Here, she explains what she has learned about obedience

  • March2022_MyFaith

    'God told me I had to forgive my mother'


    Kemi Koleoso’s mum left when she was a child and her father remarried a woman who didn’t care for his children. She speaks with Claire Musters about the trauma she carried throughout her teenage years and encountering God in the midst of it all

  • pp47-49_Feb2022_MyFaith_andrea-leopardi-CiBsEErQuN0-unsplash

    ‘I was drawn into the subculture of alternative spirituality’


    After years searching for hope within the occult, Talitha Colchester shares her story of finding Christ and his peace

  • pp12_Nov2021_MyFaith_AllenCooley

    Bamboozled by Jesus


    Cassandra Nelson from Premier Gospel caught up with actress and comedian Yvonne Orji about her new book, dating while celibate and the rise to fame

  • pp43_Sept2021_TheNakedTruth

    Body confidence cards encourage users to reflect on their identity


    When Denise Sanderson-Estcourt gave up her regular, ‘safe’ job to become an image consultant, some people – Denise included – felt it was a risky move. But God has brought some incredible confidence-building material out of this decision, and there is plenty more to come