I don’t know about you, but I’m socially distanced out. I know it’s for a good reason, but I think we will all need new levels of resilience if we are to keep facing our various challenges in these uncertain times. So, how do we stay motivated and keep adapting? How do we look after ourselves as our energy levels deplete and our planned treats look less likely?

Here are 5 principles which might encourage you to keep on keeping on:

Know your purpose

The pandemic pause is an ideal moment to consider again who you are and what God has created you for.  You are more than your job, your income or your relational status – you have a purpose that is expressed wherever you are. Every day you can support, pray, work and care in a way that makes a difference and gives glory to God.

Build your Tribe

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we were not created to live on Zoom! Yes, we thank God for technology, but even those of us surrounded 24/7 by (the same) people can feel isolated. None of us build strong relationships accidentally, so decide to intentionally invest in your relationships. Who are you being honest with and who is your tribe?

Do the next right thing

None of us know the entire path ahead at the moment. Who knows when churches will meet, businesses will recover, and travel will be possible? Many of us are also navigating real challenges with big decisions to make. At times like this, a good strategy is to pray, stand firm on what you know and do the next right thing – have that conversation, send that email (or not), take that day off, ask for advice – whatever it might be. Discern the one thing you can do and trust God with the rest.

Fill up your tank

The tap is always on – our emotional, physical and spiritual tank continually drips as life happens and some of us are in danger of running dry. Here’s the thing: nobody else is going to fill your tank up for you. You have to pour into the top whatever is draining out. What fills your tank? What fills you up spiritually? What relationships or activities bring you joy? If ever there was a time to make sure you are creating habits that keep your tank full, this is it. You deserve it and you need it – do something to fill your tank today!

Be a thermostat

A thermometer tells you what the temperature is, but a thermostat sets it. Anyone can be a thermometer who analyses their surroundings, but what if you can change the atmosphere? What if your words and your actions and your attitude can tweak the temperature up? It is the thermostats who will help us all to come out of this season stronger, as we share God’s faith, hope and love.

Cathy is a speaker, writer and broadcaster and her new book Irrepressible – 12 principles for a courageous, resilience and fulfilling life is out now – available in print, Kindle and audio versions. You can find Cathy’s Resilience Training videos based on these principles on her YouTube Channel and you can find out more about her on her website

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels