We were staying away from home, in LA, because of a show my husband was working on. One day he said he had a special surprise for me, but that we would need to switch hotels the next day for it. He then added: “The only problem is that I am not done with my show till 4pm and you need to be out of the hotel at noon”, suggesting: “I’ll just leave you the car and then you come pick me up at four o’clock.” Fear immediately gripped me – the thought that kept going around my head was: “I’m going to die tomorrow.” I didn’t sleep all night.

I got up the next day and was terrified. I was a brand-new Christian and was praying with everything in me. The only scripture I knew was: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). I prayed that over myself, and all of a sudden I had the most overwhelming peace. So I decided: “OK I’m going to head out, get my bearings straight and figure out where I’m going.”

I decided to go into a fast-food restaurant to eat. When I went in there was nowhere to order food. Just tables and chairs bolted to the ground. So I walked back out, confused. I then saw a tiny little building so went to it and said to the man I found there: “I don’t understand – is this where I order food?” The guy responded by saying: “Honey, you’re in gang territory, and you need to leave immediately.” I replied: “Oh, OK. I’d like a cheeseburger with fries, no pickles, ketchup or onion.” The guy shook his head at me while placing the order.

While I was waiting for the food, three men approached me. One had a knife, which he was flipping and catching. My food arrived and I saw that there was an outside bench and table so I went to sit down. One of the guys sat to my right, one sat to my left, and the guy with a knife stood at the back of me. They started telling me that they were going to rape me, and it brought me right back to when I was that little nine-year-old girl, all alone in her house.

I looked at one guy, and said: “Tell me your name.” He was still talking his talk so I looked to the next guy, and I asked: “Where are you from?” He, too, continued talking his talk. So I turned to the next guy. I just kept engaging them, looking them in the eye and engaging them. By the time I was done eating, they were all sitting at the table telling me stories of their childhood. I asked them: “What is your passion? What is your dream?”, and one guy said: “To take the other guy out before he can take me out!” When I responded by saying: “No I’m serious” they insisted that they were being serious too.

It made me realise that these men were once children who had been wounded, just like me, and it gave me such a compassion for them. And you know what, when we left, they insisted on walking me to my car to protect me from all the bad guys out there!

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