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  • Peter Baker

    ‘Let’s stop treating suicide as a crime or sin’


    Having lost her son to suicide, Jill Baker marks World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) by placing a lit candle in a window. She invites us to join her, and to reflect on the way we talk about suicide and support those around us who are struggling. She believes we can do better.

  • Lockdown done

    What has lockdown done to our children?


    Claire Musters, mum to two teenagers, considers how we can all – whether parents/carers or not - support young people this summer and beyond 

  • Joy Vee blog starling

    Helping our kids to see God in the everyday


    As we finally start meeting for coffee, going for walks and even having people in our homes, Joy Vee asks the Church to reach out to her teenage children.

  • adam-mccoid-jUI2YxksEPM-unsplash

    A week of summer fun


    Current leader, Glenys Adams describes how Camps for Girls started, and what it is like to attend

  • Emma GGF

    Faith in their futures


    Emma Borquaye, the founder of Girl Got Faith, encourages us to help the teenagers in our lives have confidence in who God has made them to be