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    Olympic swimmer Stephanie Rice has given her life to Jesus, but her social media followers don’t like it


    ’So many people have rejected God because they think Christianity is just a belief system for people that need some kind of spiritual comfort,’ says Kate Orson reflecting on the response to Stephanie Rice giving God glory for her blessings in life. She says we need to work on translating Jesus to those people, so they don’t discard him.

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    Jesus first, Olympics second


    Our editor, Tola-Doll Fisher, spoke to Olympic athlete Abigail Irozuru about her drive, sense of identity, faith, culture and personal struggles with body image

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    Running the good race


    Ali Lawrence spoke to Liz Yelling about her journey from the Olympics Games to faith in Jesus

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    7 lessons we can learn from the Olympics


    From Tom Daley’s knitting to Oksana Chusovitina competing at the age of 46 and Sydney McLaughlin running for God’s glory, there is plenty we can take away from the Tokyo Games

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    An important decision… for all of us


    As another athlete withdrew from the competition she had worked so hard to reach, we tackle the question some have been asking: did Simone Biles ‘play the mental health card’ in Tokyo?

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    ‘You never know what God has planned for your life’


    Santia Deck is the highest-paid female American footballer in history. Here she tells Jeanette McCarthy about the highs and lows of her career, her battles with self-image and how her faith in God and the support of the women in her life have inspired her to help the next generation