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    Let’s stop telling everyone to be more resilient


    Veronica Zundel questions whether we should all be running after resilience in every circumstance

  • Alok Sharma saying more needs to happen before the end

    ‘Time is running out at COP26’


    Alice Corrie, technical and communications officer for Climate Stewards, spent this week at the climate summit – and is more convinced than ever that much of the change needed will have to come from us

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    Why we walked to Glasgow ahead of COP26


    Would you walk 1,200 miles to get people talking about the environmental and financial implications of climate change? That’s exactly what Rachel Mander and a team from Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) did ahead of the all-important Glasgow summit

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    What is COP26 and why should we care?


    Liz Earle explains why she is lending her voice to fight climate change and global poverty, and why she is passionate about empowering women around the world

  • St Pauls CCA main

    ‘I knew I needed to take action’


    On Sunday 29 August, 13 Christians were arrested in the central hall of St Paul’s Cathedral. They were women and men of different ages, many of whom are ordained. Holly-Anna Petersen explains what happened in the run up to this moment, and why she felt it had to happen.

  • Lovely Chavan

    G7: we needed more actionable steps


    Lovely Chavan from the Young Christian Climate Network believes the G7 talked about many vital issues, but didn’t provide a clear explanation on what happens next