Do you struggle to know what God’s plan for you is or do you find yourself in a state of constant confusion? Here Lauren Crook shares five helpful tips for discovering God’s call for your life.


Source: Luis Quintero / Pexels

People often talk about the “calling on their life” or “what God is calling them to”. It’s amazing to hear people speak so passionately about what is on their heart and to be so sure that God put it there. But what if you don’t know yours? Many people are keen to better understand the path God has laid out for them but don’t know where to start. Here are five things I believe you can do, to help you work it out.

Discover what you’re passionate about

I know, I know, this seems too obvious but the reality is that those good desires you have are God-given. Not only has He taken your heart of stone and given you a heart of flesh, He’s also given you the mind of Christ! Learn to trust your instincts a little more today. If you’re struggling to know what your desires even are, a couple of helpful questions to ask yourself might be, “If money wasn’t a hindrance, if my family were totally supportive, if all the right circumstances aligned, what would you do with your life?” or, “What makes you feel most alive? or, “What makes you angry?” or lastly, “What did I want to do when I was a child?”

Pray it and surrender it

Give all of your hopes and dreams to Him, knowing that He will not only exalt you at the right time but that His plans are even bigger and better. This is how we know it’s not just our good idea, but it was His God-idea all along.

Confirm it

Just as God told Jacob to go back to Bethel where He confirmed the call on Jacob’s life, it’s good to get confirmation from God. This may be through a personal encounter with God, asking a supportive friend or leader or receiving prophetic words. You could even book yourself in for a prophetic ministry appointment here.

Get equipped

God has given the Church many incredible teachers and trainers who are desperate to awaken the greatness within you. Take advantage of this gift of God. There are very practical skills we can learn to prepare ourselves for God’s calling over our lives. Get empowered and equipped for what’s ahead! Furthermore, joining a community of people that are going to propel you into your calling and give you courage on the harder days is invaluable. You were never designed to do this alone.

Step into it

Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it sounds. Firstly, you need to change the way you speak and come into alignment with God’s promise. It’s no longer some far flung dream, it’s the calling of God on your life. Start with small steps and begin to build the ark before the flood comes. For example, when God told me that I was going to preach I started to write preaches even though I had no one to preach to. It was only then that I started to get invitations to preach. What can you do today as a step of faith into God’s word over your life?

Father, I pray you give us confidence today that that you have plans and purposes over each of our lives and that not one of us is left out. Empower us today to pursue this calling. Amen.