These attractive Easter egg paper ornaments can be hung on an Easter tree or around the house this Easter-time.

You will need:
Patterned paper
Stiff paper/card for template
Beads that will allow for threading two strands of wool through (two per ornament)

How to make

+ Cut out an Easter egg shape template in stiff paper or card - see below for example of shape. It can be scaled up or down for the size required. Use this to cut out egg pieces from the patterned paper. Each ornament requires four pieces.

+ Fold the egg pieces in half lengthwise with pattern to be displayed facing inside (see below).

+ Take one of the folded pieces and apply a small amount of adhesive to one half of the side not being displayed. Repeat this with a second piece and match up the edges of both pieces. This will be one half of the ornament (see below).

+ Repeat with two other pieces to make the second half of the ornament.

+ Depending on how low you want the ornament to hang, cut a piece of wool that is double the length required and tie the two ends into a knot.

+ Thread the first bead through the folded end of the wool and pull it down to the knot.

+ Lay the wool across one of the ornament halves making sure that the bead is sitting against the wider end of the egg (see below). Apply adhesive to the part of the paper that the yarn is touching. Lay the second half piece on top of the first, sandwiching the wool into the centre of the egg.

+ Thread the second bead through the wool to rest on the top of the egg and tie a knot to hold it in place.

+ Your attractive egg ornament is now ready to be hung on an Easter tree (see main picture), or maybe along a piece of twine to make a garland.

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