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    ‘I was left vulnerable to abuse’


    Pat Brooker, 82, shares her story of growing up in Fiji, Singapore and Malaysia, and how she found healing from childhood abuse through forgiveness as an adult

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    Jesus and Gucci


    We discovered Tina RoseLawless via her Instagram account (@TinaRoseLawless). Enchanted by the photos of Tina in high-end fashion, her beaded creations and colourful style, our editor Tola-Doll Fisher was curious to find out more about the woman behind what is fast becoming a signature brand

  • Babi_DIxon

    ‘I dealt with racism every day’


    Rejected from church because of her skin colour, unsupported by her father for being a woman, and surviving a suicide attempt has not stopped grandmother, Babi Dixon, 70, from seeing God at work in her life

  • May2022_MyFaith_JamesMarvinPhelps

    God’s ways are not our ways


    New York Times bestselling author Ann Voskamp is also a farmer’s wife and mum of seven. Seeing her sister killed in front of her eyes gave her unimaginable trauma. Here she speaks about the beauty and pain of life and how her writing draws her closer to the healing power of God

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    ‘Being Marilyn Monroe saved me during years of abuse’


    Suzie Kennedy is an internationally renowned Marilyn Monroe lookalike who has flown all over the world to sing ‘Happy birthday’, attend parties and has featured in adverts and films alongside Hollywood stars. However, for over a period of almost 20 years, she was living under the dark shadow of sexual and domestic abuse

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    'I was sold on the black market as a baby'


    When Jane Blasio discovered she had been sold at birth – along with 200 others – she decided to help others piece together the missing pieces of their past

  • pp35_March2022_Relationships_Sunita_and_Ram_Signing_the_registry

    A Romeo and Juliet love story


    Ram and Sunita Gidoomal are from different castes (class systems), which meant those around them felt their relationship simply couldn’t work. They proved everyone wrong