Have you always been a Christian?

I grew up a Christian and spent most of my working career as a Christian in a commercial environment at Esso, Pizza Hut and, latterly, when I set up Waitrose Marketing Department. There was then a moment when I think God tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, listen, I might have a slightly different plan for you". I went on maternity leave to have my second child - my husband already had three children and we ended up with all five children living with us - and at that moment, it seemed that God was very determined that my life was going to take a very different path. I became a mother of five and I started using my marketing skills in Christian organisations, and now have ended up as Co-Chief Executive of Cinnamon Network, so huge changes, but interestingly, all of it is about journeys: journey with people and journey with God, and bringing the two together.

You mentioned having worked in different environments in the corporate world, so how did you find being a Christian in that environment - did you compartmentalise and think Christianity is for my home life and this is my world of work?

I don't think you can do that. That is what you are, you are a Christian, first and foremost, and I think what you do is you demonstrate that by the way you work, and by the way you work with people, and the way you treat people. Eventually what happens is people realise you are a Christian, and then they come and talk to you about either their Christian faith or they ask you questions about what it's like being Christian. It's amazing how often people will seek you out to ask you to pray for them. I think it's about being yourself, wherever you're working, and letting God's light shine out of you in that environment. Absolutely.

Was it over a long period of time that you sort of felt this nudge to maybe move into being in a specifically Christian environment?

No, I think God was a bit more directive. There came a crossroads, and he just tapped me on the shoulder and said, "we're going right"!

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