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    Crazy about The Chosen


    Julie Wickenden is one of many Christian fans of TV series The Chosen. Not yet caught up? Be prepared for what she describes as a ’roller coaster of emotions’.

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    ‘So, last week I met Jesus’ (a review of The Chosen Season 4)


    Season four of The Chosen is about the cost of being a true disciple of Jesus Christ, says Stephanie Pena. Despite a previous Woman Alive writer explaining why she would not watch the series, after going to the premier, Stephanie says you will be ‘moved, touched and transformed in some way’, and we should all go and watch it.

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    Why I chose not to watch The Chosen


    Writer Kate Orson gives her reasons for boycotting the popular Christian TV show The Chosen.

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    Walking with The Chosen


    Katherine Warnock, head of original content for the award-winning, multi-episode webisode drama The Chosen talks to Stephanie Pena about walking with God in obedience and experiencing his transformational power