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  • pp29_May2022_Spotlight_Sarah  speaking Times of Refreshing ©Creation Fest

    Finding Jesus at festivals this summer


    Christian festivals are not just about big numbers. These events are spiritual refilling stations where we lose ourselves in worship and teaching. Here, we take a peek behind the scenes of Creation Fest and David’s Tent

  • pp27_March2022_Spotlight_Jane_Blasio_1

    'I was sold on the black market as a baby'


    When Jane Blasio discovered she had been sold at birth – along with 200 others – she decided to help others piece together the missing pieces of their past

  • Feb2022_Spotlight_church

    The house that God built


    Clare Thompson leads the vibrant, social-action focused LoveBristol organisation with her husband Greg. She told Clare Blake why she loves living in a Christian community house