Do you read to strengthen your faith during Lent, which is a season in which we can examine our souls prayerfully? You could consider the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book, Saying Yes to Life by Ruth Valerio, which helps people engage with important and everyday issues through the lens of faith. But I’m recommending two contrasting books that might not receive as much attention as the Archbishop’s.

Margaret Silf is a trusted guide in spiritual matters, and her Soul Journey is one to work through slowly and contemplatively. She likens the spiritual journey to climbing a mountain. At a distance, we can see the whole mountain in its grandeur. But as we get closer and closer, eventually all we can see is the rockface, as we wonder how to scale it. But then we may notice narrow trails that we can take on the journey. So ,too, with the spiritual life with God. We might think we have our journeys mapped out, but we can face closures or unexpected storms. As Margaret says, we need to know our Guide. 

Some years ago John Stott wrote The Cross of Christ, which he said was the most important book he ever wrote. Chris Wright, a biblical scholar, has taken weekly excerpts from that classic as he leads us through daily readings in The Radical Reconciler. They cover various themes related to the cross, including how evil powers are defeated through it, death is destroyed, sinners are forgiven, God and enemies are reconciled, and the whole of creation is reconciled to God.

Chris’ knowledge of the Bible really comes through in this wonderful resource. This is one to read to bolster your knowledge of the Bible as you increase in your love of God.