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    Should Christians have more children to make up for the UK’s falling birth rates?


    ’Human life is of infinite value, created in God’s image. Children are a gift to invest in, not a financial burden,’ says Hannah Wickens, who suggests we think again about how we view procreation.

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    There’s no place like home


    Elaine Storkey unpacks the time cousins Mary and Elizabeth spent together while pregnant, showing us the importance of being ‘home’ for one another

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    ​ Should Christians foster children?


    We are in the middle of Foster Care Fortnight, raising awareness for the need for more foster parents in the UK. Jemimah Wright asks two foster parents why they do it, and what they would tell those considering it

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    Dealing with disappointment


    Songwriter Mia Fieldes moved to Hillsong in Sydney aged 17 and has written many celebrated worship songs for herself and others but she has faced particular difficulty in her personal life

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    We need to start talking about young-onset dementia


    Janet Wyatt is the director of JW Care Group, one of the only care providers in the country specialising in young-onset dementia. She shares her story with us and the wisdom she’s gleaned through over 30 years devoted to dementia sufferers

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    Making memories and celebrating milestones


    Cathy Madavan believes reinforcing our own family’s values through our unique traditions and routines is vital

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    Nurtured in the hidden places


    Jill Duff, Bishop of Lancaster and former director of St Mellitus College, North West, spoke with Jane Knoop about the topsy-turvy nature of God’s kingdom

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    Why are men raging at pink confetti?


    Dr Belle Tindall shines a light on the gender-reveal parties that reveal a dark attitude towards women and girls

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    Baroness Stroud - speaking up for others


    Baroness Philippa Stroud, conservative peer, church leader, founder of the Centre for Social Justice and currently the chief executive of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) spoke with Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron, for the ‘A Mucky Business’ podcast

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    Parenting children with additional needs


    Cheryl Wilding shares the challenges and joys of parenting two children with additional needs

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    My husband was told he had less than six months to live


    In April 2023, Bekah Legg’s comedian husband Steve Legg was given a terminal diagnosis following a battle with cancer. A year later, she shares how they continue to navigate the journey with both hope and humour

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    Lessons in love


    Cathy Madavan shares ways in which we can navigate the emotional rollercoaster of supporting our daughters as they date

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    My life story, and how the Lord has directed my path


    Jo Potter, 76, describes how God’s hand in her life – both the highs and the lows – taught her to have no fear for the future

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    Understanding the menopause


    As she personally juggles perimenopause with work, family life and church leadership, Claire Musters reports on a conference organised by the Kyria Network to help women understand what still - despite the media coverage it has been given in recent years - appears to be a taboo subject

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    Should Christians call out elderly family members for racist comments?


    It's difficult to know how to handle elderly relatives if they say something racist, here Cassandra Maria explains why it's important to speak up.

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    'Gals' that brunch


    Tiffany Accardi is the founder of the worldwide women’s community movement Gals That Brunch, which involves 100,000 women, spans six continents, 12 countries, 150 cities and 35 states – and is constantly growing! She spoke to Becky Hunter-Kelm about her difficult childhood, her career and ministry journey, and her heart for placing the lonely in family

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    I am a Christian mum-of-five and I just found out I have ADHD


    Diagnosed with ADHD at the tender age of 40, here’s what writer and mum-of-five Julie Williams learnt about herself along the way…

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    ‘Mothers have been so devalued’


    Actress and singer-songwriter Jessica Oyelowo spoke with Muyiwa Olarewaju, head of Premier Gospel, about stepping away from the limelight to support her family, the struggle for her identity – and why she wanted to honour motherhood in her latest album 

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    When my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I was devastated… but something helped


    Misty always had a close relationship with her parents and recalls many heartwarming family memories throughout her lifetime, particularly with her father Bill, who was both her “tutor and superhero”. But when Bill was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body dementia in 2016, Misty knew it was her turn to help take care of the man who made her who she is today.

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    I gave my daughter a kidney, then she died, but this is what God showed me


    Author of Hand Stretched Across the Void, June Whitehouse, tells of God’s goodness in the face of huge family hardship.