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I wonder how many sermons on women in the Bible you’ve heard in the past 12 months. It seems like most of the time the women of Scripture only get attention at Christmas and on Mother’s Day; even at Easter, these first witnesses to the resurrection are often relegated to the background while the focus is put on Peter, Thomas and the other disciples.

But understanding the women of the Bible is key to really getting the whole story. These women’s lives are woven into the fabric of Scripture, showing us incredible faith, bravery and responsiveness to God’s guidance. They don’t just act as role models for other women, but for the whole church. Take figures like Ruth and Esther, who demonstrate loyalty and bravery, offering timeless lessons on faith and perseverance. Or think of the women in Jesus’ genealogy – Tamar and Bathsheba among them, both of whom are mistreated and both of whom find ways to restore righteousness and justice in their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about women in the Bible, Cliff College offers a ‘Women in the Bible’ online course exploring the stories of some of the female characters in the Bible. Over six sessions, you’ll explore the stories of women including Deborah, Miriam, Sarah and Hagar, as well as some of the New Testament teachings on the roles of women in the early church.

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Taught by Dr Kirsi Cobb from Cliff College and Dr Holly Morse from The University of Manchester, the course costs just £37 and is available to start now. It is self-paced, so you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like – and there are no essays or written assignments to complete at the end.

‘I’ve just finished the online Women in the Bible course from Cliff College. It was excellent and if I can retain half the information that the tutors imparted, I will be doing very well indeed! It’s good that you can go back into the course and listen again as there was so much there to absorb. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to studying more courses like this in the future.’

Women in the Bible student, June 2024

Ready to dive into the world of the women of the Bible? Start your learning journey here.