As previously mentioned, 4 July is National Thank You Day, and we encourage you all to reach out to those who have made the last 16 months that little bit easier.

TY Day

Right across the world, in our nation and in our own neighbourhoods, we have faced times unlike any we’ve ever experienced before. And yet, throughout the difficulties, there have been those who have reached out, shown they care and made us smile.

Thank You Day is a national campaign to recognise all those who have made a difference in our lives and we at Woman Alive have got on board too. Why don’t you reach out and post a card, send an email or take some flowers round to those who have had an impact on your life, both big and small, during the pandemic?

When we first flagged this up, we included some thank yous from the team behind Woman Alive. Here are some from the Woman Alive Book Club:

Thank you neighbours

When Clap for Carers was on we always stayed outside to chat with six or seven of our immediate neighbours, and when it finished we wanted to keep meeting. Our Friday Coffee Morning was born. And come rain or shine we meet at the end of our drives, or cross over to the opposite drive but keep socially distanced. We have celebrated birthdays, a 50th wedding anniversary, sang and danced on VE Day with an afternoon cream tea, put sweets in our front gardens for trick or treaters, celebrated 5 November with fireworks, sung Christmas Carols and even went out on Christmas morning with a tipple to wish each other Happy Christmas! It was a Friday after all. All of us say it has helped us through. When we couldn’t see family or other friends it was our lifeline. We’ve got to know each other better than in normal times, shared laughter and fun and helped each other out when needed. I couldn’t be prouder of my neighbours. They are simply fantastic!

Thank you prayer group

I’m thankful for my prayer circle group from church who’ve been there through thick and thin. It’s been a way to encourage each other spiritually too.