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    A beautiful philosophy


    Make-up artist Hannah Martin has had over 20-years’ experience in the industry and has worked with some of the world’s most famous faces, from supermodels to princesses. British Vogue named her the “queen of radiant skin and smokey eye tutorials”. She was resident make-up expert on TV show 10 Years Younger in 10 days, and last year she released The Sunday Times bestseller book, Makeup – A masterclass in beauty (HQ). Recently she caught up with Premier Unbelievable’s Ruth Jackson 

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    The gospel is liberating for everyone – women included


    WA columnist Elaine Storkey, 78, on coming to faith, motherhood, feminism – and her biggest life lesson

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    Adopting embryos


    A cancer diagnosis at the age of 28 could have shattered the vision Triona Benton had for her future. But she continued to cling to God, trusting that somehow she would have the children she longed for

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    The story of six-year-old TikTok sensation ‘Along Came Abby’


    Our deputy editor Jemimah Wright was fascinated by Abby’s social media account and even more interested to find out the family had a faith. She reached out to Abby’s mum to find out how this tiny influencer got so big 

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    ‘I was high on drugs but could not stop talking about God’


    Author, speaker, designer and teacher, Bobbi Kumari talks to our editor, Tola-Doll Fisher, about her Hindu upbringing and what she describes as ten years of pure hedonism, on her journey to knowing and accepting Jesus

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    God never promised we wouldn’t suffer


    At the age of 13 Jade Reynolds was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. She tells her story, and explains how she has managed to stay strong in her faith