The cost of everything is rising, so while we want to mark Easter and Jesus’ resurrection in a big way - many of us don’t have any cash to splash at the moment. Here are some ideas to keep costs down and fun high.


Source: Rodnae Productions / Pexels

The cash may not be flowing at the moment, but the Holy Spirit certainly is and this Easter all budgets can go big on the celebrations. If you’re hosting this weekend, now’s the time to get creative so you can still celebrate in style but without breaking the bank. Try out these tips for a low cash, high fun event:

Bulk buy 

If you know you’ve got a handful of people staying, or want to dish out the choccy eggs to friends and neighbours, buy food and treats in bulk to keep the costs down. If you can nab a Costco membership then all the better but otherwise your supermarket’s multibuys and wholesale packs are you friend.

Check out the budget supermarkets

If you usually shop in Tesco or Sainsbury’s - or maybe even M&S for a special occasion, there’s no shame in heading for the budget supermarkets for your Easter goodies. Supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl have great deals on joints of meat and trimmings for the table. You can’t shop online so it’s a case of popping in and bagging the bargains in store. Similarly, for Easter decorations and chocolates discount shops like B&M, Home Bargains and Poundland could keep costs at rock bottom.

Decorate eggs

When it comes to activities, there’s a reason this one had stood the test of time. Decorating eggs costs just pence and you and the family can create your own matching array of rounded decorations. You just need to hard boil the eggs first, leave them to cool down and then paint them, draw on them with felt tips, add stickers or you could even go for a dip dye effect with food dye. 

Easter egg hunt

An absolute no brainer for the Easter weekend, dotting little chocolate eggs around the house and/or garden to create a treasure trove of goodies for children (and adults) to discover is a sure fire win. If you don’t want to hand out too much chocolate, you could find “egg tokens” around the place that can be traded in for one big egg. Or, if you have the time, you could make a treasure map of the house to help guide kiddies along the route!

Get creative

You can always make a paper garland of eggs with your little ones and give them free rein to colour it as they please. Or they can make their own Easter baskets or you could print off some colouring sheets for display in the windows and around the house.

Get baking

Easter is the ideal time to bake up a storm - and kids love getting stuck in. Chocolate Shreded Wheat nests with mini eggs nestled inside are a firm favourite of mine but the more traditional among us may opt for a Simnel cake. You could even try your hand at some DIY hot cross buns!