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  • pp12_Jan2024_NotesOnFeminism

    ‘I would suggest that all Christians should be feminists’


    Dr Belle Tindall pulls no punches in her new column on Christian feminism 

  • pp42_Nov2023_LifeLessons

    Life after adultery and divorce


    Beryl Moore, 87, had a dramatic conversion in her 40s after adultery and divorce, and subsequently leading a renewal and healing centre in Kent  

  • pp6_Oct2023_Profile

    From Hollywood to Jesus


    Speaker and author Cynthia Garrett was the first African-American woman to front a network late night show – Later with Cynthia Garrett. She now hosts The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett on TBN. She spoke with Jemimah Wright about her dramatic journey to real faith in Jesus 

  • Jesus Revolution film poster

    The world needs a Jesus revolution


    The film version of pastor-evangelist Greg Laurie’s memoir is released on 23 June in the UK. Years ago Woman Alive’s deputy editor Jemimah Wright met some people who experienced the Jesus Movement in real time, so she asked them what they thought of the film.