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January can be a challenging month but here’s a thought to lift your spirits - imagine being chosen to transform a child’s life and an entire community.

World Vision, a global children’s charity, has revolutionised Child Sponsorship. The children now choose their sponsors, giving them a voice and empowering them. Sponsors send photos and information about themselves, which are displayed at a local community party, where the children pick their sponsors.

This new approach is having a profound impact on both children and sponsors. For instance, five-year-old Milli from Bangladesh was inspired by her sponsor’s photo to aspire to become a doctor. The experience is equally moving for sponsors; one sponsor, Brianna, expressed it as an honour to be chosen.

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UK church leaders visiting Pajule in Uganda witnessed the transformative effect of Chosen on the community. Jason Gibson from Ground Level Network noted that the initiative isn’t just impacting individual children but transforming entire communities sustainably and bringing joy to places devastated by conflict.

Why not join this unique experience and feel the privilege of being chosen by a child in Pajule? Together with others, you can ensure a hopeful future for Ugandan children.

Find out more about Chosen at worldvision.org.uk/premier