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  • pp42_July2024_NotesOnMenopause

    It’s not you, it’s perimenopause


    As midlife specialist Jo Ibbott takes over the menopause column, she unpacks the confusion around this significant life event 

  • pp42_June2024_Menopause

    It’s time for your health MOT


    Bukky Ayoade believes that summer is the perfect time to look more closely at those all-important numbers such as blood pressure and blood glucose level

  • kate on video

    Hope is so important in Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis


    ’Human life is comprised of mind, body, soul and spirit and investment in each of these components is integral in our passage towards healing’ says Hannah Wickins. As a mother close in age to the Princess of Wales, she went through a health battle and understands the deep sense of responsibility for your children riding alongside an innate drive to survive. 

  • pexels-rodnae-productions-8760675

    Is anyone else worried that they are not ‘beach body ready’?


    As summer hots up many of us will experience that familiar dread that we’re not ready to bear all in swimwear. Here Lauren Windle explains why it’s time to take a stand against the ‘beach body ready’ narrative.