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Amy Boucher Pye

This month I'm reading ...

The Heaven Promise: Engaging the Bible's Truth about Life to Come by Scot McKnight
(NavPress, ISBN 978-1473628571)

Did you know that our book club has a thriving Facebook group? You may remember in August how I shared our discussion about a novel that engaged us. This month I’m featuring The Heaven Promise, another book we read together. Interestingly, fewer book club members discussed this work than the novel – do people generally favour fiction to non-fiction?

Julia Wilson gave a thoughtful review, saying The Heaven Promise is “one man’s fascinating study into Heaven. He covers areas such as what the Bible says, why people believe in Heaven and he finishes with the ten most asked questions about Heaven…

He discusses where we get our ideas about Heaven from, and interestingly, it is not mainly from the Bible.” She highly recommends the book: “No one really knows what is like, but Scot McKnight has clearly researched the subject. It is a comprehensive study and written in an easy-to-read style.”

Caroline Seal too gave an insightful review: “I really like the idea of Heaven being God’s promise to us. We know that God keeps his promises and that his promises are good for us. Therefore, Heaven will be good for us and I found this a really helpful thought. My mum died four years ago and I know she is in Heaven as she truly believed in Jesus, but I’ve never really thought about the reality of that. As I read the book I thought of mum at times, not in a maudlin way, but in the way of hope, that she is in that place of promise.”

Ann Squire found it “fascinating, challenging and in some cases I thought, really?” She said that the book changed her perspective of Heaven and especially the chapter looking at who will be in Heaven.

As for me, I’m sure I read this book too fast, for it’s one to read slowly and thoughtfully. In one line, his thesis is: “I believe in Heaven because God promised Heaven and because Jesus was raised from the dead” (page 144).

I appreciated his distinction between lower-case heaven, which he defines as the present kingdom of God which is temporary – and upper-case Heaven, the Final Heaven of the new Kingdom of God. The strength of his arguments come from them being so rooted in the Bible, as he digs in and examines the various passages.

He explores tough issues – who will be in Heaven?; is God fair?; what about purgatory?; what about marriage?; and will there be animals there? I wasn’t so sure about the dogs and marriages in Heaven, but I became teary at many of the stories of those approaching Heaven.

In this book, the hope of Heaven is palatable.

What are YOU reading? Tell us!

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