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Amy Boucher Pye

This month I'm reading ...

Advent for Everyone by Tom Wright
(SPCK, ISBN 978-0281076215)

Lighted Windows by Margaret Silf
(BRF, ISBN 978-0857464323)

All of a sudden, it seems, December is upon us again. Many years I consider the diary at the beginning of the month and wonder how I will keep alive any spiritual practices in the midst of the baking, shopping, church services, parties and so on.

I’m intrigued by my friends who do all of their Christmas shopping before Advent even starts, so that they can prepare themselves for the true meaning of the season. But I’m never that organised.

Yet however busy we may feel, perhaps this December we could carve out time to read an Advent book that is designed to help us welcome Jesus into our lives. Here are two to consider.

Tom Wright is one of the great biblical commentators of our day, whose writing on the Bible will stand the test of time. He’s an unusual academic, for he writes so accessibly for the rest of us who don’t dwell in ivory towers. His For Everyone commentaries bring the Scriptures alive, and it’s from these that Advent for Everyone has been compiled. The four weeks are arranged around the themes of watching, repenting, healing and loving.

I loved learning new insights about Jesus from this book, and appreciate especially how the author puts forth the big picture of God’s story of redemption, from Israel to Jesus ushering in the kingdom of God. I will continue to ponder things such as how he links the Sermon on the Mount to Jesus’ crucifixion (see page 88 and following).

Yet be aware that this is an Advent book focused not so much on the birth or incarnation of Jesus, but on his life, death and resurrection. As it was compiled from previously published commentaries, I felt more could have been added to help the reader on the Advent journey. But it will deepen your understanding of, and love for Jesus.

Margaret Silf, a trusted retreat leader and popular writer of books on Christian spirituality, wrote Lighted Windows in 2002 but it has been reissued this year. It invites us to focus not on the darkness, but on the light that comes through “‘God-with-us’ – Emmanuel, God incarnate in the world of everyday reality with all its shame and its glory” (page 12).

In the weeks leading up to Christmas she reveals glimpses of God’s guidance in our lives, how we can become more trusting, and how to discern God’s wisdom. Then, during the Christmas week she welcomes us to enter into the “heart of the mystery of God’s coming to earth” (page 13). Lighted Windows is poetic, searching, and at times profound.

What could you give up during this busy season to make some room for the child born to be King?

What are YOU reading? Tell us!

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