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  • pp43_Sept2021_TheNakedTruth

    Body confidence cards encourage users to reflect on their identity


    When Denise Sanderson-Estcourt gave up her regular, ‘safe’ job to become an image consultant, some people – Denise included – felt it was a risky move. But God has brought some incredible confidence-building material out of this decision, and there is plenty more to come

  • pp15_Sept2021_5Thin gs_pexels-guilherme-almeida-1858175

    Five things I have learned about… being yourself


    Seasoned author Cathy Madavan explains how she has come to accept who she is – and how we can do the same

  • pp7_Sept2021_Reflection_JoyceMeyer

    Joyce Meyer: ‘God showed me I had never truly received his love’


    After years of trying to love others and failing, Joyce Meyer learned that her main problem was that she didn’t love herself. She shares how God helped her step free from the comparison trap and embrace who she truly is

  • Abi Shotade

    The dream that turned a widow’s grief into a heavenly story of hope


    As a young widow with children, Abi Shotade walked a painful journey of grief. She hopes the book she has written will help other families facing loss

  • R9587H

    Menopause: “No big deal” or a genuine disability?


    Kay Burley described the menopause as “tricky”, but for many women it is a life-changing and even career-ending process. New research shows that menopause-related tribunals have quadrupled in three years

  • PG341X

    How can we help GCSE students on results day?


    The GCSE results are in and, against all odds, it looks as though our young people have excelled themselves. Dr Kate Middleton offers practical tips to get their endorphins going and remind them of the bigger picture, whether they have passed or failed

  • Rachel Jones

    Why don’t we talk about periods?


    Rachel Jones believes that this is a subject that has been neglected by Christians for far too long 

  • Lockdown done

    What has lockdown done to our children?


    Claire Musters, mum to two teenagers, considers how we can all – whether parents/carers or not - support young people this summer and beyond 

  • Jennie Pollock

    ‘We are not merely animals who should be “put out of our misery”’


    As yet another person plans to travel abroad in order to die, Christian Medical Fellowship’s Jennie Pollock suggests there is hope of a better way

  • Kate MASF

    Don’t forget the boys


    Dr Kate Middleton urges us to consider the rise in eating disorders there have been among our young people

  • Simone Biles Alamy

    An important decision… for all of us


    As another athlete withdrew from the competition she had worked so hard to reach, we tackle the question some have been asking: did Simone Biles ‘play the mental health card’ in Tokyo?

  • Lucy R

    ‘I don’t know how to be your mum!’


    Given the response we had to the piece on young people’s mental health in May’s issue*, we know that many of you have experienced huge highs and lows over the last 18 months in your families. Here, author Lucy Rycroft gives a snapshot of the impact of COVID-19 on children’s and parents’ mental health, and claims it was no mistake that God picked you to parent your kids

  • IMG_5911

    Enjoy the journey


    You may be wondering what pilgrimage and the end of lockdown have in common. Having recently walked from Winchester to Canterbury, Penelope Swithinbank offers up three Ps – possessions, purpose and people – to help us link the two

  • 2A23TTA

    The menopause revolution


    We reflect on the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Menopause and ask you to share your own stories about menopause

  • Retreat

    Finding peace in everyday life


    Have you ever returned from a Christian conference, camp or retreat and wished you could hold on to the sense of joy or peace you experienced at it? Dr Gemma Simmonds is a sister with the Congregation of Jesus and she has written a book to help us bring retreat practices into daily life. She shared some of her own story with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues.

  • Kate speaking

    Are we ready to come out of lockdown?


    Dr Kate Middleton from the Mind & Soul Foundation recognises that we are experiencing a mixed response to the lifting of restrictions – and offers some helpful advice to us all

  • Wild swimming

    Wild swimming


    Jemimah Wright shares her own experience of this increasingly popular pastime, and encourages us all to give it a try

  • Carers_Week.png

    Carers need space for their own wellbeing


    During Carers Week, 7-13 June, carer and mental health awareness trainer, Anita Kelly shares candidly about the pressure of being a carer, the effect of the pandemic, and how important it is that carers feel valued and cared for themselves.

  • Ruth_200.png

    Look after yourself!


    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the demands and responsibilities in your life? Ruth Rice was a very capable, busy woman, but then one day her life started to unravel. She shared with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues what happened.

  • Katharine_Hill.png

    Lessons on wellbeing from lockdown


    Care for the Family’s Katharine Hill gives us some simple, practical ways that we can boost our emotional wellbeing.

  • Abbie_tastelife.png

    A message of hope


    Since the pandemic, the number of eating disorders has risen dramatically. Abbie Young works for tastelife, a charity that offers help to those suffering from food-related issues and their carers. Here she shares about her own struggle with anorexia and why the charity is looking for volunteers right now.

  • Regans.png

    ‘I thought my wife would be better off without me’


    Premier’s Maria Rodrigues spoke to Patrick and Diane Regan about the physical and mental health challenges he faced, and how they affected Diane too.

  • thumbnail_Rachael_Newham.jpg

    Holding grief and joy together


    The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (10–16 May) is nature. Here, Rachael Newham bravely shares her story, as well as the part nature has played in her recovery – and how she thinks we all need to give ourselves time and space in this season.

  • anthony-tran-vXymirxr5ac-unsplash

    The deep darkness of post-natal depression


    As we continue to think about maternal mental health, Lindsay Rumbold bravely shares her own experiences after giving birth to her son.

  • stock_photo_to_use.jpg

    ‘I knew Caleb was safe in heaven’


    During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (3–9 May) we hear from Chloe Smith, who was heavily pregnant when her four-year-old son died.

  • Christine_Soule.png

    Moving from fear to compassion


    Christine Soule had a series of traumatic experiences in her childhood, including her stepfather phoning her when she was nine years old and home alone, threatening to rape her. As a result she carried chronic fear into adulthood, until one day God set her free. She shared her story with Premier’s Maria Rodrigues:

  • Linda_WA.png

    Running for the recovery of human slavery survivors


    Single mum from Barnsley, Linda Walmsley, is running the Sofa to Summit Kilimanjaro Challenge to raise funds for suicidal human trafficking survivors and for her own lockdown mental health

  • Copy_of_Panic_WA.png

    Trapped in an invisible prison


    For Clare Blake’s sister, who has panic attacks, going to church is a challenge. But she’s getting there…

  • Motherdom_Anna.png

    New mental health website for mums


    ?Motherdom, the UK’s first media platform dedicated to maternal mental health and wellbeing, was launched at the start of March by mum-of-two and journalist Anna Ceesay

  • Lily_Earle.png

    To illness and disability – No one is immune


    Lily, daughter of leading health expert Liz Earle, talks to Tola-Doll Fisher about how she has grappled with chronic illness and healing

  • heather-ford-6fiz86Ql3UA-unsplash.jpg

    Living fearlessly through this pandemic – and beyond


    Catherine Adenrele Runsewe celebrates the resilience of women, and encourages us to build on the foundations we have laid during this time of great difficulty

  • pexels-august-de-richelieu-4260475.jpg

    What has a year of lockdown taught us about home schooling?


    As many children have gone back to school this week, Claire Musters takes a look at how parents have found the experience of home schooling

  • pexels-ralph-rabago-3214751.jpg

    ‘It’s ok to admit you’re struggling’


    The past year has taken its toll on us all – this online retreat aims to help us deal with the loss and disappointment from COVID-19

  • Daniel_fast.png

    Feeling stuck? The Daniel Fast might be just what you need


    Susan Gregory invites you to join the millions of women and men around the world reaping the benefits of biblical fasting

  • pexels-muhammadtaha-ibrahim-maaji-4088127.jpg

    ‘I didn't tell my family about psychotic episodes’


    Rachel Mason is an award-winning singer who has produced a book of short stories and poems about dealing with post-natal depression. She shared her story with Premier radio presenter Maria Rodrigues

  • tastelife_hand_and_keys.png

    Shedding a light on eating disorders


    When Di Archer found our her daughter was throwing up 25 times a day, she was thrust into the dark world of bulimia. Di is now founder and CEO
    of Tastelife UK which aims to help both sufferers and their families with recovery

  • IMG_4158.jpg

    I got a lockdown puppy to help my mum with loneliness


    The cost of puppies has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic as people race to get a four-legged companion for lockdown but Jemimah Wright says hers is a long-term investment

  • Is your church a safe space for those with mental illnesses?


    Rachael Newham was on an adult psychiatric ward aged 16. Today, she is the founding director of ThinkTwice, an organisation dedicated to changing the way the Church responds to those suffering

  • miguel-bruna-TzVN0xQhWaQ-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts’


    Talking about bereavement as we kick off the blog series alongside the theme for the November edition of Woman Alive - ‘Life and Loss’.

  • Suffering_authors.png

    An honest conversation about suffering

    2020-10-27T00:00:00+00:00By ,

    Authors Claire Musters and Amy Orr-Ewing talk candidly about the personal losses that led them to write two new books

  • seven-shooter-hPKTYwJ4FUo-unsplash.jpg

    ‘Dyslexia is my secret weapon’


    A practicing psychotherapist talks about being diagnosed with dyslexia in her 40s and the surprising success she has experienced as a result

  • tamas-pap-cCVs8eo7vH4-unsplash.jpg

    3 steps to a satisfied soul


    Some midweek motivation for #WellbeingWednesday

  • mihai-moisa-vTE9I-AB3pw-unsplash.jpg

    Can you use rose hip to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis?


    This week is dedicated to increasing the profile of a disease that affects almost half a million people in the UK. One company is dedicated to providing a natural healer using rose hip

  • pexels-mikotoraw-3555394.jpg



    Lindsay Macdonald reminds us to stop comparing and start celebrating

  • WA_March_2020_Hope_Virgo_book_jacket_cover.jpg

    'I can still be loved even with wounds'


    Hope Virgo suffered abuse at 13 and battled anorexia for years. Here she shares how she learned to push aside the need to be "perfect" before God

  • pexels-anna-shvets-3746279.jpg

    Who Am I?


    The pandemic has caused many of us to question our identity. Sheila Jacobs finds confidence in an inheritance that will never ‘perish, spoil or fade’

  • Hustle_WA_Sept20.jpg

    ‘We don’t need to hustle for God’s attention’


    While society teaches us we need to look and be a certain way, Florence Gildea asserts that God loves us as we are so we can stop seeking outside validation

  • Tanya_Marlow.jpg

    The power of stories


    We need stories for our times of uncertainty and pain, says Tanya Marlow

  • woman-raising-her-hands-2506776.jpg

    Could this be the single person's antidote to loneliness?


    In support of Loneliness Awareness Week, Kimberley Pena explains that dance therapy can reduce the feeling of disconnect

  • photo-of-women-looking-serious-3812041.jpg

    5 ways to stay resilient during lockdown


    We were not designed for a socially distanced existence. Writer Cathy Madavan explains how we can adapt to our new normal

  • Sheila_Walsh2.png

    Sheila Walsh: Church leaders hit rock bottom too!


    Has your church leader or a preacher you know hit rock bottom without you realising?

  • girl-jeans-kid-loneliness-236215.jpg

    'Early trauma affected my mental health'


    Writer Fran Hill lost her mother when she was just 14. Here she considers the lasting impact long into adulthood

  • p19_Less_.jpg

    Less is sometimes more


    Veronica Zundel challenges us to make space for silence each day

  • Nordic_Cuddle_-_Rebekka.jpg

    Coping with a loss of connection


    Trained cuddle therapist Rebekka Mikkola explains the theory behind cuddle therapy and how we can weather the absence of touch during COVID-19

  • Good_health.jpg

    To your very good health...


    Veronica Zundel challenges to think about how we treat those will chronic illnesses

  • Leprosy_mission.jpg

    Joining together to stop leprosy


    Linda Todd, chief executive of The Leprosy Mission Scotland, explains that leprosy is not an ancient disease; it still ravages people today

  • Isolation_by_kelly-sikkema-4le7k9XVYjE-unsplash.jpg

    Isolation can’t stop us connecting


    Coronavirus, the biggest party-pooper of them all, has swept across the world and changed society as we know it, separating us from one another. Here are some ways to counter that…

  • Pen_W.jpg

    Hold tight – or let go


    In a letter sent from Portugal to Sir Francis Walsingham, in 1587, Sir Francis Drake memorably wrote, “There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end, until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory.”

  • Black_Dog.jpg

    My husband's depression affected us both


    We’ve often heard from people living with depression, but what is it like for those who love and care for them? Catriona Futter shares her experience of trying to support her husband

  • Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Make a spring resolution


    This is a good time to ask some serious questions, says Penelope Wilcock

  • Christmas_Hurts.jpg

    When Christmas hurts


    For many people Christmas can be a difficult time of year. Gillian Phillips reflects on her own experience and how the true message of Christmas offers hope and healing

  • Contentment_A.jpg

    How to be content in all situations


    St Paul learned the secret of contentment and we can too, says Liz Carter

  • Too_Lovely.jpg

    Can you be just too lovely?


    Being kind and serving others are foundational to Christian living, but we can take it too far, warns Sarah Phillips

  • Life-limiting_illness.jpg

    Living with a life-limiting illness


    Ruth van den Broek was diagnosed with the degenerative disease cystic fibrosis (CF) as a baby and grew up knowing she would not live to a ripe old age. Now in the ‘twilight years’ of her late twenties, she tells Sharon Barnard why she is able to look to the future with hope

  • Season_of_stirrings.jpg

    Welcome the season of stirrings


    Kate Waterman looks at how to make the most of spring.

  • Monastic_tradition_-_Pen_Wilcock.jpg

    Be a force for good


    Penelope Wilcock suggests we take inspiration from monastic traditions and learn to speak and listen wisely

  • Connect_Fireside.jpg

    Connect with the seasons


    Build rest into your life by following the ancient seasonal rhythms of the year, says Kate Waterman ...

  • Disappointment.jpg

    How to deal with disappointment


    Claire Musters explains why we need to work through our disappointments and shares what has helped her through some testing times

  • Jennifer_Rees_Larcombe.jpg

    What's robbing you of your peace?


    Jennifer Rees Larcombe identifies what robs us of peace as "morbids". She explains how to recognise them and send them packing!

  • Food_addict.jpg

    I discovered I was a food addict


    Read Hilary Browne's story of compulsive overeating and how she broke free ...

  • My_Year_with_a_clothes_horse.jpg

    A horse changed my life


    Hazel Southam explains how a horse called Duke was able to bring her comfort and hope during the most stressful year of her life ...

  • Bin_the_Banana.jpg

    The Banana Trap


    Susan Williams considers the challenge of change and why we are so often resistant even when things are going wrong ...

  • Miriam_Dann.jpg

    Coping with no work


    Miriam Dann explains the sobering experience that being unemployed had on her and how she changed how she saw herself and others as a result ...

  • Perfectionism.jpg

    What is perfectionism?


    Rev Will van der Hart discusses the basis of perfectionism showing it is a male as well as a female issue and how grace is the only antidote ....

  • To_do_list.jpg

    Taking on too much?


    Sue Williams discusses the difficulties of saying "No" as Christians but the importance of setting boundaries for everyone's best interests ...

  • Carol_Bostock.jpg

    Filled with shame


    Carol Bostock reports on her shame of weighing 26 stone, taking drastic surgical measures to lose weight and how she found real healing beyond this

  • Rejection.jpg

    Rejection hurts


    Suzanne Green shares what she has learned about keeping your self-esteem intact

  • Where_are_you_hiding.jpg

    Where are you hiding?


    Nicki Copeland reveals the many things we may hide behind to protect ourselves

  • Sheridan_Voysey.jpg

    His identity was lost


    Sheridan tells Amy Boucher-Pye how he dealt with the disappointments and doubts in his life

  • Renew_your_Mind.jpg

    Renew your mind


    Michele Morrison explores how we can change our thinking habits and achieve a 'holier' mind ...

  • More_Stess_Less_Living.jpg

    Manage stress better


    Learn from Kate Middleton (the other one!) why stress can be a particular problem for busy Christians and how we can learn to manage it well

  • Veronica.jpg

    Mindful of God


    Veronica Zundel explains how she finds 'mindfulness' helpful both mentally and spiritually

  • Joyce_Passmore.jpg

    Jesus was my lifeline


    Discover Joyce Passmore's story of how she clung to Jesus during her 15 years confined in a psychiatric hospital

  • Embrace_failure.jpg

    Be kind to ourselves


    Learn from Tania Bright how to embrace and move on from our failures

  • Healing_power.jpg

    Therapeutic Journalling


    Lyn Alderson explains how keeping a journal can help combat the stress and worries of our lives

  • Paul_Tonks_2.jpg

    Strain of caring


    Paul Tonks was overjoyed when his wife was healed, but then started to have difficulties of his own

  • Katharine_Welby.jpg

    Mental health stigma


    Katharine Welby-Roberts, daughter of the Archbishop of Canterbury, talks to Ali Herbert about coping with mental health issues

  • Self-esteem.jpg

    It's not about you


    Amanda Pilz discusses ways we are taught to build our confidence and self-esteem and shows us how it should be done

  • Internet_Grooming.jpg

    Internet grooming


    A reader's experience of being groomed on the net shows it is not just the young who are being targeted ...

  • Be_Kind_to_Yourself.jpg

    Be kind to yourself


    Fun and frivolity are essential to our well-being – Penelope Wilcock explains why

  • Ruth_Flynn.jpg

    Taking God at his Word


    Ruth Flynn explains how the Bible helped her face and overcome her fear of water

  • Lose_Weight.jpg

    Lose weight, feel great


    Liz Babbs looks to faith and lifestyle rather than faddy diets to achieve a fit and healthy body

  • Hoarding.jpg

    Have a clear out!


    Lucy Mills challenges us to deal with the clutter that clogs up our hearts and minds, and suggests helpful ways we can do this ...

  • A spiritual journal


    Amy Boucher-Pye discusses the practicalities and benefits of keeping a spiritual journal

  • Nativity.jpg

    Christmas redeemed


    Simplicity is the way to go if we want to rescue the festival, says Penelope Wilcock

  • How_to_eat_for_energy.jpg

    How to eat for energy


    What we eat can transform our energy levels, says Emma Cockrell

  • Joni.jpg

    April 2013 Abundant Life


    Many of us seek relief from illness or disability, but suffering can yield precious things, says Joni Eareckson Tada

  • Dementia.jpg

    January 2013 Living Well


    Many people fear dementia, but a retired GP diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2009, chooses to see it as an opportunity to serve God

  • Tragedy_of_Suicide.jpg

    November 2012 The Tragedy of Suicide


    We talk to two women whose loved ones have taken their own lives

  • 40-41_Lifelines.jpg

    October 2012 Lifelines


    How 'tearing my hair out' became a literal truth for one primary school teacher

  • Inside_story.jpg

    September 2012 Inside Story


    Why anorexia, sometimes described as 'the good girl's drug', affects so many women and girls in our churches

  • Well-being.jpg

    August 2012 Wellbeing


    Should Christians seek counselling? Lucinda van der Hart talks to those involved

  • Joni_31.jpg

    June 2012 Abundant Life


    Joni Eareckson Tada says the secret of contentment is to be flexible

  • Well_being.jpg

    May 2012 Wellbeing


    It's time to be your own best friend!

  • Your_well-being.jpg

    April 2012 Feel Good


    The healing power of food