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Find out what's inside this month

Uncovering some of the shocking truths about violence against women globally

Raising awareness about pornography among women

Caleb Storkey in the hot seat

Five great ways to use coconut oil


17 More listening, fewer tricks and trends — that’s what our churches need, says Penelope Wilcock
30 Comfort, hope and a bit of fun — How a personalised book and a new game are helping those living with dementia


14 Reclaim Sabbath time — Why we need to create a space in our lives and how to get started
22 Choose faith over fear — What we can learn from a dark period in the life of David
25 Yes, you can live abundantly — Catherine Butcher on how to live a fruitful life
37 Single File — Is it wrong to read erotic fiction?


10 My job is reinvention — Beauty entrepreneur Liz Warom on empowering women and the importance of encouragement
18 Why we need to talk about pornography — by the women determined to raise awareness of this growing problem
32 Since I see my friend Jesus, I’m fine — How a famous painting helped one woman suffering from dementia find peace
34 Is it time we rediscovered Eve Garnett? — The children’s author who produced a snapshot of life for the poor in the 1930s


7   May Notes — Inspiration and ideas for the month ahead
35 Nature’s medicine cabinet  — Five ways to use coconut oil
36 Now I love to share my faith — the ministry that gave a shy woman the confidence to tell others the good news
44 Create a hand-tied posy — a simple arrangement to enjoy or give away


24 Seasons of the Spirit — Details of our next conference coming  soon in June
26 Behind the headlines — A special report on the global pandemic of violence against women
39 Veronica Zundel  — on the wonders of Austrian cakes
40 Bookclub — A chat with Kate Charles and great books to read
42 Your letters — on the topics that concern you
49 Next month — What we’re discussing in June
50 What women need to know about men — Caleb Storkey is our Man Alive columnist

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