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Talking about sex 

Editorial from May 2021

I know I’m biased but I’m SO proud of this issue. When it comes to topics around sex and relationships, the Church has often quieted those who have sought help in the spirit of piety. But this means we get our information from the world, which sadly can end up creating unhealthy attitudes to these issues.  

As Christians we can so easily spout from the Bible; don’t be unequally yoked, don’t commit adultery, don’t have sex before marriage – but surely our loving Father has more to say about relationships and sex education than that?   

In this edition I’ve tasked our talented contributors to write about their own experiences on this topic so we can explore them together – with absolutely no judgement.   

On page 10 you can read about Tyeesha Holt, who was born a woman but went on to live 13 years as a man. She says this was a result of abuse in her formative years. On page 41 you can read the stories of six women who are in relationships with non-Christians and how they are navigating that journey. I was also greatly encouraged reading about the faith of the couple in this edition’s Life Lessons. Often when we think about sex, we talk about it in terms of procreation. But what happens when that’s not part of God’s plan for your life? Read this incredible story on page 37.  

In other news, I’m very excited about the gentle lifting of social restrictions! One of the things I’ve missed is hosting brunch and dinner parties with friends and family. Seated round the table, whether for a fancy champagne supper or pizza and Prosecco, is where I feel fellowship is at its best and the Holy Spirit can be present in all kinds of conversations deep into the night.   

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With love from,  

Tola-Doll Fisher  

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