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Celebrating Women 

Editorial from March 2021

Aged 13, my mum dragged me metaphorically kicking and screaming to a girl’s school. All my friends from primary school were off to cooler schools with the most important component: boys. But, three years later, when I was offered a place at an academically superior school following my GCSE results, I decided to stay where I was.  

I have many platonic male friends now but there’s something special about a close-knit group of women and the power and encouragement they bring. When I was younger I led a women’s group at my church and for my first Christmas as a married woman, I sent my then husband packing so that I could host a ‘Christmas in the country’ weekend with my friends. He had made us a steak and Guinness pie, we made mulled wine in our newly renovated kitchen and we trudged about in Barbours and Hunters like the parody of city dwellers off on a weekend escape we undoubtedly were. Years later, they still remember that weekend and the joy it brought to our friendship.  

Two of the days we observe in March are Mothering Sunday and International Women’s Day, so this issue is dedicated to ‘Celebrating women’. Maxine Hallett shares honestly about how her relationship with drugs affected the relationship with her own mother and how God brought her a spiritual mother to help her journey of faith. Elaine Storkey leads us to a deeper study of Proverbs 31 and invites us to look again at some common misconceptions of the ‘Proverbs 31 Woman’. 

What do you think a ‘good Christian woman’ should look like? Growing up I felt that she should look and act a certain way – usually small and dainty, quiet and retiring. (Cathy Madavan says her husband was refused a church position because of her inability to adhere to this stereotype). 

So this issue, I start with smashing stereotypes! I love the cover featuring American football player Santia Deck. Like me, she also struggled with a muscular frame, was often perceived as unfeminine and had to push past that to follow the calling of God to lead in a field often reserved for men. 

With love from Doll  

Tola-Doll Fisher, Editor 

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