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The loneliness pandemic

Editorial from February 2021

One of the things Covid-19 has exposed is how much we suffer when separated from loved ones. Loneliness and singleness do not go hand in hand but for those who desire connection through partnership, lockdown and self-isolation have exacerbated those feelings of longing. 

Last summer, a colleague challenged me to dedicate an entire issue of Woman Alive to singleness, in lieu of a Valentine’s Day edition. It seemed a little one-sided, but conversations with single people from every section of church - including the often forgotten about divorced and widowed singles – convinced me that we, the Church, have a lot to do in this area.  

Research conducted by Single Friendly Church reported: “Churches are relatively successful in catering for married people, especially those aged 30 to 44 years with children, but fail to reach other groups – including singles.”  

In our lead profile this issue, author Lauren Windle says: “When writing Notes on Love, I spoke with people who have left the Church or turned their backs on faith entirely, because they have been so disappointed and let down by the state of their love lives.”  

If we are indeed the body of Christ, then this means there is a part of the Body that is extremely sick. As with our physical bodies, the rest of us must find ways to support and heal the part that is suffering. So whether you are happily single or coupled up, please take this opportunity to engage with those around you who may find this time particularly hard.  

With love from

Tola-Doll Fisher, Editor 

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