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Life and Loss 

Editorial from November 2020

Recently, I was invited back to my old school to deliver a speech for their prize-giving day. It was ironic because I never actually won a prize when I was a pupil there – in fact the closest I got to a prefect was being repeatedly told off by them for rolling up my skirts. But, when I reflected further, I was amazed to think that this wonderful opportunity was taking place because of my book, Still Standing – 100 Lessons from An ‘Unsuccessful’ Life, which was born out of loss and some epic life failures.  

Romans 8:28 reads: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” I’ve read and heard it often, but this scripture was never so true for me as when I stood on that stage and realised how the goodness of God had taken me from loss back to full life.  

We’ve had a difficult year haven’t we? Ill-health and loss of loved ones, loneliness, loss of income, relationship struggles, political and economic uncertainty have all threatened to undermine our sense of trust that 2020 has not been a surprise to the God we serve. Our lead conversation this edition is between writers Claire Musters and Amy Orr-Ewing, both of whom found themselves writing books about suffering while going through traumas of their own. Read what they have to say about life and loss and find out how to win copies of their books. 

This year also marks ten years since Ajibola Lewis received the devastating news that her son had died as a result of prolonged restraint by eleven police officers. In our interview with her, she shares how she found healing through forgiveness.  

In the next issue we will be hearing from people who have positive stories to share from this difficult year. Have you experienced something good and unexpected despite all the darkness? Please send an email to with “Romans 8:28” in the subject line and we could feature yours in the final issue of 2020.  

Stay warm and stay well, 

Tola-Doll Fisher, Editor 

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