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Talking about Mission

Editorial from October 2020

I must admit, I do roll my eyes a bit when I hear Christians talking about ‘mission’. I’ve worked in charities long enough to know that the sad eyes of black and brown people are what many people see as the face of mission and this has lasting stigma. But a few years ago I read an article about how this-often well-intentioned - approach hasn’t solved the world’s problems in developing countries – or the many issues in countries with more stable economies. When I was younger I often heard people say that charity begins at home, so in this issue we talk about mission in the holistic sense of the word. What does mission mean to you – as a woman, as an employee, as a parent, as a wife or partner, as a friend or as a Christian?  

When I first met my ex-husband, we talked about our plans for New Year’s Eve. He spent his helping those who were homeless at a crisis centre; I went to church and sang nice songs. Not that there is anything wrong with going to church and spending time with fellow Christians, but it did make me think that I could be more outward looking with my approach to my faith.  

On page 22 Elaine Storkey leads us in a Bible study that focuses on the mission given to us by Jesus; what that might have looked like for his original disciples, and what it means for us today. On page 20, Mary Eccleston shares how she wanted to travel to a far-flung country to ‘do mission’, but God called her to work right on her doorstep.  

Two things that are close to my heart are ethical fashion and healthy eating, so I’m particularly excited to share both of these in this edition! On page 30, Comet Chukura explains that a shift in people’s consciousness has made space for her ethical high-vis accessories range, Glow. On page 34, Lorraine Wylie reveals what she discovered about natural healers after a diagnosis of ill health gave her a rude awakening.  

I hope you feel both challenged and excited by this issue; don’t forget to share your thoughts with us at or join the conversation on social media using the handles below.  

Happy reading! 

Tola-Doll Fisher, Editor 

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