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Where is God and why is he silent? 

Editorial from May 2020

Our deliberately blank cover sits alongside this question to reflect the truly unprecedented times we are living in.  

Our last issue focused on health, landing on your doorsteps just when we were learning what self-isolating and social-distancing meant. For this issue we chose the theme of silence and our writers were open to interpreting that in different ways. But, as I said in my last editorial, both themes were chosen long before we knew a world where our high streets stayed eerily shut and empty during peacetime.  

Some would argue that there is actually a war taking place. A war on the virus that has reportedly claimed many lives all over the world. But for most of us it has been one-sided. First there was an air of discomfort as the news about relatives and friends in other countries filtered through to us, then there was confusion as we tried to understand why we could no longer find toilet paper in our local supermarkets and finally there was panic when we realised the virus had arrived in the UK and was decidedly unspecific about the lives it touched.  

But at some point, after trying to make sense of it through traditional means – our world leaders, the scientists, the healthcare professionals – all we came up with was silence, as we realised none of them have the answers. 

It would be very easy for me as a Christian to simply say: God has it all under control so we’ll say no more about it. But while I do believe he does, trite answers to complicated situations are not particularly helpful or, for that matter, loving.  

So in this issue we give space to silence. Our contributors talk about silence, not just in light of the coronavirus, but in other spaces too. The silence around sexual abuse, the silence of a much-needed retreat and the silence that sounds deafening when you’ve spent your whole life with background noise.  

Our lead profile (p10) features author Glenna Marshall who shares with us about the silence she felt when God didn’t (seem to) answer her prayers. And the grief when, as a pastor’s wife, she did not feel able to speak her pain out loud.  

We’ve been creating lots of content to encourage, support and inspire you during this time. You can find us on Twitter/Instagram @WomanAliveUK and you can find all our blogs under the “Stories” tab at womanalive.co.uk – do share them with your loved ones if you feel they will help.  

I’m hopeful for the good that God will bring out of this, as promised in Romans 8:28, but, for now, from all of us here: be safe, be well and be encouraged.  


Tola-Doll Fisher Editor 

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