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May 2020

Be inspired by the stories you read this month.


10 God’s promise is more than enough /// Glenna Marshall has learned that God’s presence is the only answer to our heart’s longings  

15 Silent no more /// A new ground-breaking conference for women abused in childhood  

20 At work with…a Barrister /// Elizabeth Gallagher describes what it is like working within the justice system  

34 Learning to trust again /// Katrina Robinson continues her story of what happened when her husband left her, revealing how she found fresh faith  

48 Turn off that noise /// Kathleen Bustamante tells us how important it is that we take time in this unexpected season to tune into Jesus 


7 Prayer /// For the over-burdened  

8 Signs & Wonders /// Readers share their experiences of the transforming power of God  

23 Everyday faith /// Pen Wilcock says we need silence in order to hear from God and bring his word to others  

58 Devotional /// We are reminded that just as God was with the Israelites in the wilderness, he never leaves our side and will guide us whenever we ask  

56 He Says /// In an extract from his new book, Sam Allberry talks about the sacred purposes of sex 


27 Wellbeing /// Alastair McIver says the whole family (kids included!) can benefit from a retreat  

32 Cake + Hope = Love /// Andrea Simpson explains how she is using her baking business to reach out to the lonely and depressed  

36 Lessons on relationship /// Urenna Kiwanuka reveals what she has learned during her first few years of marriage  

44 A garden for the soul /// Sarah Eberle talks about the plans for her Psalm 23 Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, before it was cancelled due to coronavirus  

51 Book Club /// Enjoy the latest book reviews from our active Facebook group and join us there if you can! 


19 Less is sometimes more /// Veronica Zundel challenges us to make space for silence each day  

30 Creating a prayer space at home /// Karen Williams explains how she and her husband created a place for regular retreat in their home  

40 Bible Study /// Elaine Storkey says churches have misunderstood what Paul says about women and silence  

46 Screen time /// Currently on Netflix, The Crown is an insight into the humanity and faith of The Queen 


54 Win a scented candle for your prayer space 

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