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March 2020

Be inspired by the stories you read this month.


7  Prayer /// Celebrating the mothers in our community

8  Signs & wonders in everyday life

10 God in the mountains /// WA Editor Doll Fisher spends time with outreach organisation Altitude Mission

22 Mental Health /// Hope Virgo explains how suffering abuse as a young teenager and battling anorexia affected her relationship with God

26 Nancy Goudie /// tells us about how her ministry for women encourages us to invest in ourselves



16  Work/life /// Jenny Allan talks about her ethical clothing brand Jenerous

19  Hazel’s gift /// One mum shares how having a child with Down’s syndrome taught her precious life lessons

36  #Blessed? /// Lindsay Macdonald reminds us where to look for our sense of wellbeing

38  Singled out /// Ten years after a broken engagement, Hopeful Girl considers what the future may hold as she writes her final column

54  I was just thinking… /// Veronica Zundel asks where all the female role models are in the Church



33  Devotional /// A walk along the ragged Cornish coastline caused Maxine Hallett to reflect on how God empowers and encourages us

34 Parenting /// Fiona Small explains why she set up an organisation to help single mums

46  Faith and politics /// Meet four women involved in politics who would value your prayers

50  Screen time /// Military Wives tackles the difficult subjects of death and grief

66  He says /// Steve Legg tells us what being a father to five girls has taught him



65  Everyday faith /// Penelope Wilcock shows us how women were empowered in Luke’s Gospel

52  Author /// Debbie Duncan urges us to look to scripture for examples of women in leadership

40  Bible reflection /// God’s power is always present, but you have  to flick on the switch says  Anne Le Tissier

44  Book club /// Amy Boucher Pye reads and recommends Lent books alongside reader favourites



58  Win a paperback edition of Becoming Mrs Lewis

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