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July 2019

Meet the young theologians – three young women in the final of a theology competition

I was hooked on eBay – one woman's struggle with a shopping addiction

Learning from Lydia: a key figure in the early Church








Cover stories


7      Secure in God’s love – Pete Greig writes our prayer for the month
14    Check your attitude – We need to stand up for what we believe, but in a helpful way
20    My garden of remembrance – Pam Rhodes shares her love of the English country garden
22    Bible study – What we can learn from Lydia, the wealthy businesswoman who became a key figure in the early Church
50    Man Alive – Sheridan Voysey on the importance of seeking answers to life’s big questions


24    Penelope Wilcock – Why we need to plan for our old age
37    Essential gifts for your grandchildren – Good advice for grandparents
38    My husband’s depression affected both of us – One woman shares what she has learned through caring for her husband


29    How to read the Bible – It’s best approached as a series of stories, says Veronica Zundel
30    I wrote goodbye letters to each of my characters – Popular author Sharon Garlough Brown on her Sensible Shoes series and her latest novel
32    Book club – Good reading for the month ahead
33    Woman Alive Readers’ Choice Award – How you can be involved in choosing the Woman Alive book of the year


8      Your letters on what’s inspired you in recent issues
40    Add colour and flavour to your summer drinks – Strawberry and mint ice cubes for you to make
42    Good works – Inspiring ways to change your world
44    Good times – Great things to do and see this month
49    Next month – Coming soon in our August issue


10    Katherine Jenkins on the joy of motherhood, finding faith again and her latest album
12    The disastrous dinner party – Hopeful Girl recalls an embarrassing evening spent with a young married couple
17    Meet the young theologians – The three young women in the final of a theology competition talk about their experience and chosen subjects
26    Our gap year adventure boosted our faith – A family’s inspiring story
41    I was hooked on eBay – One woman’s struggle with a shopping addiction
43    I want to help people enjoy the great outdoors – Meet the woman with a vision for those with limited mobility

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