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January 2019

Women at work – why your value is more in who you are than what you do

The prison system isn't working for women: the call for change

Veronica Zundel: how we should view the past

God's promises – what has He said to you in the past?






News & views

8    Your letters – on changing the words of hymns, contentment and finding inspiration
13    Our 2019 conference – Save the date!
18    Women and the prison system – Why it’s going wrong and the call for change
38    Women at work – We need to remember that our value is not in what we do, but in who we are
48    Book Club – Recommended reads and an interview with Mark Batterson
51    Next month – Coming soon in our February issue


7    A prayer for the new year – by Michele Morrison
17    Veronica Zundel – How we should view the past
24    Penelope Wilcock – on the challenges of the turn of the year
26    Have we misunderstood Martha? – There’s more to her story than being preoccupied with routine
29    Hold onto God’s promises – Do you need to search again for the things God has said to you?
50    Man Alive – Start the year right and put your trust in God, says Adrian Plass

Real lives

10    Life hurts, but there’s always hope – Our book award winners Sarah Walton and Kristen Wetherell share their story
22    God is using my dementia – Meet Dr Jennifer Bute, who sees new opportunities in the midst of challenges
30    What a feeling! – One woman’s life-changing New Year’s resolution
33    Singled out – Hopeful Girl learns some valuable life lessons from a group of perky pensioners
34    What I’ve learned about grief – One woman shares her experience

Good advice

14    How is your relationship with God? – Three key questions to ask
44    Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? – Get sorted with our five-step guide

Ideas and inspiration

36    The Kitchen Table Project – One mum’s experience of bringing parents together
43    Flower power – Get creative with seasonal blooms
46    Weekend selection – Great things to do and try this month

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