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May 2018

Veronica Zundel on the people we exclude
Hopeful Girl on matchmaking in church: the good, the bad and the ugly
Love Russia reports on the difficulties faced by young women brought up in orphanages
Penelope Wilcock on the link between your inner and outer worlds





Cover stories


 7   The joy of my salvation – Our prayer for the month

21  Penelope Wilcock – On the link between our inner and outer worlds

22  Bible study – What the feisty daughters of Zelophehad can teach us today

31  The people we exclude – Veronica Zundel issues a challenge

50  Man Alive – Sheridan Voysey on the joy of marriage

Ideas and inspiration

32  Embrace the season of growth – Make time to rest and play

35  The joy of lavender – Why it’s good for the environment, your home and you

39  Care for the environment – Ideas for you and your church

42  Weekend – Ideas of things to do and see this month

Real lives

10  Blazing a trail – Three women explain why this is an exciting time for them

16  Singled Out – Hopeful Girl relates the good, the bad and the awfully embarrassing attempts at matchmaking in the church

18  Moya Brennan – on the dark side of success, finding faith and the debt she owes to her parents

25  How God sees me – Jo Swinney shares what helped her to overcome a poor self-image

28  I believe God has a purpose – One woman’s story of facing disappointment and challenge

News and views

 8   Your letters – on what’s inspired and encouraged you

26  Come and join us – Our 2018 conference in Guildford next month

30  Next month – What’s inside our June issue

36  The plight of the orphan – Love Russia reports on the difficulties facing young women brought up in the orphanages

47  Divine Dining –A warm welcome and delicious food at The Brompton café in London

48  Bookclub _Great reads and an interview with Lucy Mills

Good advice

14    Why your inner voice matters – and how to manage it

34   Natural well-being – Get your feet ready for summer

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