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November 2017

Help, we're losing our grandchildren - advice from Katherine Hill on when your child's marriage fails
Secret believers – A moving testimony from a former Muslim living on the West Bank
Veronica Zundel says it's time we all stopped complaining
Natural ways to lower your risk of heart disease


* cover stories

Bright ideas

22 *Embrace the season of darkness – Celebrate the quiet delights of the winter months
28 *Make Remembrance Day meaningful – How one small church made a big impact on their community
34 What’s your ministry? Meet the women using their driving skills to make a difference
44 *A thoughtful gift for a friend – How to make a wisdom box

Good advice

38 Help, we’re losing our grandchildren – Katharine Hill offers advice to grandparents struggling to keep in touch when their child’s marriage fails
39 The Single File – ‘Should I be open about my disability?’
40 In good health – Natural ways to lower your risk of heart disease

News & views

8 Your letters – on what’s inspired you, challenged you or made you think
11 Journal – News, reviews and inspiration for the month ahead
37 Veronica Zundel says it’s time we all stopped complaining!
41 Next month – Looking ahead to our December issue
42 Bookclub – Great reads and a chat with author Helen Roberts
50 Man Alive – Russ Bravo on living by the sea and what wild swimming has taught him about keeping the faith
51 Join us in Leeds – Still time for last minute bookings for our Women of Peace conference


7 Pray with us – A prayer of thanksgiving
25 What can washing dishes teach us? Quite a lot, says Penelope Wilcock
26 Hidden sins – What might you need to confess?

Real lives

14 *‘Change is daunting, but also exciting’ – Author, speaker and pastor Christy Wimber on moving on, keeping in step with the spirit and the big challenge facing the Church
18 ‘God got us through’ – How one family experienced God’s love and protection during a difficult time
21 ‘No one knew how much I was struggling’ – Claire Musters shares the painful experience that opened up a new ministry
30 Secret believers – A moving testimony from a former Muslim living on the West Bank
33 *Boxing champion Katie Taylor shares her faith and love of this tough sport

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