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July 2017

Actress Tippi Hendren on Hitchcock, The Birds and her debt to her parents

Sharing your faith with those closest to you

Introverts unite! You don't have to pray out loud

'I thought I wasn't interesting enough' – own your faith story


News & views

8 Your letters on cancer, smartphones, anorexia and more
25 Let’s get together – Come and join us at our Woman of Peace conference in Leeds
41 Veronica Zundel – Let’s put some colour in our lives
42 Bookclub – Great reads and a chat with author DiAnn Mills
49 Next month – Inside our August issue


7 Pray with us – A prayer for busy days
26 Don’t give up on God’s promises – Sometimes we have to wait a while to see them fulfilled as the life of David illustrates
30  COVER  – Introverts unite! Who says you have to pray out loud in prayer meetings?
50 Man Alive – Andrew Graystone on how to find your vocation

Real lives

14 Ruth Valerio on new challenges, living out her principles and pushing boundaries
28  COVER  – I thought I wasn’t interesting enough – How the daughter of two vicars embraced her own faith story
33  COVER – Actress Tippi Hedren talks about working with Alfred Hitchcock and her debt to her parents
37 I couldn’t say no – One woman’s story of learning the hard way to reassess her priorities
38 The church came to our rescue – How Christians in Edinburgh helped a family facing seemingly impossible hurdles

Ideas & inspiration

11 COVER – Journal : Seeking the common good, plus news, reviews, ideas and inspiration for the month ahead
18 What’s your ministry? – Meet the women using their sewing skills to make a difference
21 Keep things simple – It’s the best way to cope when life gets busy, says Pen Wilcock
44 How to preserve your family’s memories – Be creative and leave a legacy for future generations

Good advice

22  COVER  – Sharing your faith with the ones you love most – Wise advice from family pastor Rachel Turner
31 The Single File – Is it ok for Christians to use Tinder?
34 Don’t ignore your disappointments – Why and how to process those things that leave us confused, bewildered and sad
36 Suffering with hay fever? – Natural ways to soothe your symptoms this summer

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